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Upgrading Guest Bedrooms in Homes

While we put a lot of thought into our master suites in our homes, there is also another bedroom that needs to be cared for properly. This bedroom is, of course, our guest bedrooms. Whether you have one guest bedroom in your home or several, each room needs to betended to so that any guests coming to your home in the future will feel comfortable, relaxed, and refreshed each time that they wake up. Part of this is ensuring that there is nothing but ease and comfort in each of your guest bedrooms. That is why we are here to discuss upgrading guest bedrooms in homes. From something as simple as proper bedding to something unique like adding motorized window treatments, we have compiled a list of design opportunities that you can take you make your guest bedroom the best in the neighborhood.

PowerView® Automation near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (DE), that adds hands-free window operation in guest bedrooms

Upgrading Guest Bedrooms with Proper Bedding

From rock-hard beds at sleepaway camp to uncomfortably small beds in your first college dorm, we all know what it’s like to sleep in a bed that is downright awful. While you do not have to throw out your mattress to get a top-of-the-line designer one, adding proper bedding is one of the best ways that you can go about upgrading guest bedrooms in your home. For example, lightweight sheets that color coordinate with a fluffy, soft comforter is not only visually pleasing, but excellent to snuggle into after a fun day out. You can also swap out beddings depending on the season. Guests staying over in the fall or winter, for example, will love snuggling up under a thick blanket or quilt. In the summer, guests will be fine with a light top sheet and airy comforter. Pillows are also an important element. We recommend two medium pillows behind two softer pillows. This will not only give the top of the bed shape, but it will also allow guests to rest on the pillow firmness of their choosing.

Upgrading Guest Bedrooms with PowerView® Automation

If you really wish to wow your guests, then upgrading guest bedrooms should definitely include PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas. This system allows your guest to adjust their window treatments without messing with any annoying cords. With three ways to operate this system, you guests are sure to be impressed. For example, you can ask what time your guests wish to get up and go to bed and then create a custom schedule that adjusts your guest bedroom window treatments accordingly. You can also mount the colorful Pebble® Control on the bedroom’s walls to allow your guests to adjust the windows in their new space themselves. PowerView® Automation can also be paired up with your favorite smart-home device. This allows guests to adjust their window treatments by saying, “Okay, Google. Lower guest bedroom blinds” or “Alexa, open the guest bedroom shades.” No fussing with cords needed.


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